Charter No. 1058 - District 7120


Welcome Rotarians and Guests

August 14, 2014 Program:
Ben & Jerry’s

Program Speaker:
Jim Guild

Program Host:
Jim Guild


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Recent Programs

Judy introduced Chelsea Kennard, who has spent the last year in Finland as an Outbound Rotary Exchange student. Chelsea, a former Rotary Student of the Month, returned in July. Please read more by clicking here and going to page 3.
Michelle Benjamin introduced Suzanne Scheib, Access Project Coordinator and Clinical Educator at Care First (formerly Southern Tier Hospice and Palliative Care), located in Corning. Suzanne described Care First as an integral part of the community that people don’t often think about unless they are in need of its supports and services or connected to someone who does. Please click here and go to page 3 to learn more.

4 wheels

Club Bulletins
Meets Thursday 12:10 P.M.
Elks Lodge
St. Rt. 14, Watkins Glen, NY

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